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Boulevard Steakhouse

Steakhouse Menu

Boulevard Steakhouse Menu



Entrées for one

Entrées for Two

  • $15.00

    (Choice of sweet potato, pine nut and basil or duck liver pate’) with marinated olives, fetta and warmed Turkish bread

  • Prawns in a creamy garlic reduction, moreton bay bugs and fried squid, with jasmine and wild rice pilaf, accompanied by dipping sauces (Add a piece of fish for $8 extra)

Sizzling Stone

The sizzling stone your meat will come out on has been heated at temperatures of 450 degrees C for the past 6-8 hours. Eating from the sizzling stone provides a unique experience to cook your meat to your liking. This style of cooking allows your food to keep cooking while you eat it, making your last bite as warm as your first! Please do not touch this stone, as it may cause injury, and do not put sauce or water directly on the stone, as it may splatter.

  • $34.50

    300g eye fillet accompanied with seasonal vegetables and rosemary chats, served with a red wine juś

  • 300g eye fillet served with prawns, scallops and squid in a creamy garlic reduction, accompanied with a garden salad and chips

  • $41.00

    200g eye fillet, marinated 2 point lamb cutlets and a kangaroo fillet, served with seasonal vegetables, roasted chats, accompanied by a red wine juś

  • king prawns, Moreton Bay Bugs,  squid and a salmon cutlet, served with chips, a garden salad and tartare sauce


  • Pan fried and served on steamed vegetables, with mashed potato and a lemon butter & caper sauce

    Please ask your waiter
  • Chicken breast stuffed with brie, roasted capsicum and spinach, wrapped in prosciutto, served on creamy mash, topped with a cream and red wine juś

  • Served with battered chips and a side salad

  • $38.50

    300g eye fillet, wrapped in bacon, cooked to your liking and served on seasonal vegetables, with chat potatoes and topped with a red wine juś

  • $38.50

    450g served on creamy mash, with seasonal vegetables and topped with your choice of sauce

  • $36.00

    400g cooked to your liking and served with chips, a garden salad and your choice of sauce

  • 800g rump served with potato wedges and steamed vegetables. Free beer if you can eat it all! (Choice of sauce; mushroom, pepper, diane, red wine juś)

  • $33.00

    Resting on creamy mash with steamed greens topped with a creamy peppercorn juś

  • served on sweet potato mash, seasonal vegetables and a jam topping

  • Marinated with garlic, lemon and Dijon mustard, served with wilted spinach and sweet potato puree

  • $28

    Tossed with smoked salmon, capers and garlic in a light cream and tomato reduction topped with parmesan cheese or Danish fetta

  • With diced chicken, leek, garlic and pumpkin, finished with white wine, spinach leaves and parmesan shavings

  • With prawns, scallops and squid, tossed with garlic, tomato and Napoli sauce, with spinach and parmesan shavings